WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smoking versus Vaping: Savings Calculator

How much does smoking cost you – and how much could you save if you quit or switched to vaping?

Why not calculate how much you could save by using our calculator:


The financial cost of smoking

To work out the cost, we took the average number of cigarettes smoked a day (11)1.

To stay on the conservative aside, we took the cost of the cheapest cigarettes available, Rothman’s Blue.

The cost per year comes to £1,644 per year. Assuming a smoker is 25 years old, that could come to £93,184 over a lifetime2. That’s enough to buy a sports car or a private island!

What if you invested the money?

As an example, we also calculated what you would of have if you had chosen to invest instead of spending, the savings over your lifetime are calculated here. 

According to one financial advisor the returns over investment in bonds over the long term has been 4.6%, while the long term investment rate for stocks has been 5.2%.

Assuming these returns continued, investing your monthly savings in bonds would result in a £438,783.96, and investing in stock market would earn you £551,977.45 (both calculated over the lifetime of a 25 year old.)

Of course, there’s some big assumptions there, but this does go some heck of a way to showing the true cost of smoking!

But what if you can’t quit nicotine? Here’s what you could save by switching to vaping…

Of course, many smokers want to quit smoking but haven’t yet been able to.

But if you switch to vaping you could still make massive savings.

The price are based on 2x 10ml e-liquid bottles per week, assuming £3.33 a bottle as an example, which should be enough for someone smoking 11 cigarettes a day.

The calculations assume average usage and the use of a low powered, basic e-cig model – as any advanced vaper will tell you, if you use top end, high powered models the cost can rapidly increase this is due to Coils, tanks and batteries. 

  Yearly Lifetime
Cigarette Cost £1,664 £93,184
Vaping Cost £404.50 £22,652
Vaping Saving £1,260 £70,532