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Melton Vape Shack Updates

  • British Vape users need not worry

    As you may be aware in the news just recently there has been speculation about a spate of vaping related hospital admissions and a number of deaths...
  • Vaping and E-Cigarettes are twice as effective as NRT, a 2019 landmark UK study shows

    A study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that e-cigarettes are almost twice as effective as NRT in helping smokers ...
  • The difference in effects caused by smoking and vaping

    The campaign, called Health Harms and run by executive government agency Public Health England (PHE), centres around a new film that shows the real risks to people’s health from every cigarette they smoke. It was aired on TV throughout January — a time of the year when many people are trying to make good on such New Year’s resolutions as stopping smoking. The promotion also features over a dozen supporting materials, such as posters, leaflets, and pharmacy information packs, to ram home the message that smoking is one of the most harmful things you can do to your body.
  • PHE report on Vape Smoking

    Public Health England News and Media

    06 Feb 2018

    PHE publishes independent expert e-cigarettes evidence review

    A new PHE e-cigarette evidence review, undertaken by leading independent tobacco experts, provides an update on PHE’s 2015 review. The report covers e-cigarette use among young people and adults, public attitudes, the impact on quitting smoking, an update on risks to health and the role of nicotine. It also reviews heated tobacco products.